Samuel Abram

QA Tester
Samuel is also a chiptune musician under the handle of Iron Curtain. He has played with Hannibal Buress & Janeane Garofalo.

Husam Aldalaq

Game Developer
Back to game development where it all started for Husam. Code architecture and design principles enthusiast. When he is not working he enjoys cooking and playing games. He is also an avid Dota player.

Desiree Aultman

QA Lead
Desiree is a hardcore gamer, tinkerer, and very competitive. Her current life obsessions include binge watching Project Zomboid, Long Dark, and Natural hair videos on YouTube, Converse sneakers, and purple (everything).

Brennen Awana

Backend Engineer
Born and raised in Hawaii, surfed all the way to NYC in 2013. When not at work you can find him dabbling in filmmaking, playing music and baking sourdough bread.

Cindy Chen

Data Engineer
Cindy likes good food and movies. Always wanted to start a blog but too lazy to do so.

Chris Clarke

Community Manager
Dungeon Master, Wine Mage, and Gym Leader.

Jordan Craig

Music Technologist
Scottish, avid collector of bourbon, diehard FC Barcelona fan. Has aspirations of becoming a secret agent one day.

Ra'ad Dalaq

Game Developer
Ra'ad thinks Arabic food is unparalleled as biased as that sounds. He binge watches Japanese Anime and spends a lot of time singing with CS:GO players over team chat.

Scott Dobbie

BI Analyst
Scott loves pizza, comedy, and min/maxing in games.

Jonathan Eckel

Data Engineer
Jon is a Buffalo native who loves wings, beer and being a tragically loyal Bills and Sabres fan. He does not approve of his cat eating pistachio nuts.

Nir Efrat

20 years of building products, from aircrafts to games.

Ashley Farlow

Technical Artist
Ashley loves the outdoors and on the weekends you can find her hiking up mountains. Ashley also really likes alpacas.

Alicia Feng

Visual Designer
Alicia is an illustrator, designer, and professional crow.

Michael Flood

Unity Developer
Mike is a gaming nerd who can't find enough local multiplayer games. He also loves his dog and has too many Amiibos but won't admit it.

Kathleen Fong

Operations Lead
Kathleen was born in Sydney and moved to New York 7 years ago. She loves to travel, try new restaurants, listen to music and eat popcorn at the movie theatre. She started a new hobby in ceramics over the last year and is inspired to try make a Dots themed mug.

Laura Gatti

Technical Artist
Laura is Italian. She loves design. And animation. And 3D modeling. But mostly her nonna’s lasagna.

David Hohusen

Game Director
David is the leader of the AutoDots, a faction of transforming rodots from the planet CyberDots. He may or may not have ripped this from Optimus Prime’s bio on Wikipedia...

Ken Hohusen

Game Designer
Gaming enthusiast and lover of all things nerdy. Corgi wrangler. Occasionally spotted working to support a corgi based lifestyle.

Sandra Honigman

Jr. Levels Designer
Sandra is actually a fairy-type Pokemon.

Kris Horowitz

Game Designer
Kris is a li’l bb game designer. She likes reading when it's raining outside and taking her shoes off as soon as she gets home. She loves languages and laughing.

Shirley Huang

Jr. Unity Artist
Creates art with code.

Chao Jin

Game Designer
You can’t spell Chaos without Chao.

Jonathan Juhn

UA Manager
Off-time = cooking Korean food, suffering through Dark Souls 3, arguing Metal Gear Solid canon, and posting anime screen-captures on English-language imageboards.

Jihyung Kim

UA Manager
Jihyung is a kimchi foodie, cheese lover, happy traveler! She also likes art, pilates and pink!

Ian LaBrie

Technical Project Manager
A decade of building games and software; lifelong learner and strives to be a positive force in the world.

Jae Lee

Data Scientist
Jae loves Ultimate frisbee, skiing, playing video games, and following the NBA.

Ardian Lesmana

Backend Engineer
Likes code, gadgets, basketball, food and movies, not necessarily in that order.

Emily Lim

Marketing Designer
Emily is an artist, designer and gamer. She likes bright, pastel, CMYK color palettes. You'll find her wearing pink almost all the time. Politically anti-salad.

Richard Liu

Senior Game Designer
Buys cheese and doesn't eat it.

Yin Liu

Unity Engineer
Prior to making games, Yin tinkered with wires and circuits and made interactive installations at ITP NYU. Prior to that, Yin lived in the UK for 7 years. Yes she has lost all of her British accent now.

Diana Maher

UA Lead
Diana is from Belarus, but she is international in her mind. Big fan of marketing and using dots when typing. Literally. Sweet tooth.

Kathleen Mann

Kathleen is a sucker for jokes and chocolate.

John Manna

Senior Engineer
John is a game designer, programmer, and musician. When not writing code John can be found playing the drums at a local gig.

Andrei Marks

Game Developer
Andrei wakes up so he can move things around on other people's screens, listen to songs on repeat, run unreasonably long distances, and make new and exciting mistakes.

Jaclyn McKay

Visual Designer
Jaclyn likes designing fun things that make people happy. She has and will eat ice cream at any hour of the day. She is probably eating ice cream right now.

Johnny McNair

QA Lead
Johnny is trying to shatter the stereotype of a videogame nerd by eating healthy, going to the gym, and interacting with actual humans.

Drew McWhorter

Product Manager
Drew loves to build things…from tech products to LEGO structures. He has a soft spot for Sonic the Hedgehog, enjoys drawing, and runs ultra-marathons “for fun.”

Patrick Moberg

Patrick was never allowed to have a video game console when he was growing up, so he was determined to make great games that even his parents would enjoy. Patrick’s mom now has a Dots bumper sticker on her car.

Paul Murphy

Co-founder, Executive Director
Paul is a professional business man. If you ever need someone to be in a meeting, on a call or talking to investors, he’s your man.

Kati Nawrocki

Studio Art Director
Kati Nawrocki is an award-winning creative originally from Germany. She loves her team, and is obsessed with licorice.

Paul Osetinsky

Senior Backend Engineer
Paul is fascinated by the intersections between media and technology. He’s loves music and art and thinks NYC is a pretty sweet place to be.

Michael Pace

Software Engineer
Michael loves games, music, and his cats.

Priya Patel

Director of Finance
Globetrotter with ~10 years in finance; 4 years with start ups.

Ken Pfile

Senior Unity Developer
Ken grew up playing games and discovered that making them was pretty fun too. He once completed an 11 hour, 28 mile hike circling a lake and noticed that circumnavigating Manhattan would be just a few miles more. A new goal was formed!

Grant Reid

Game Director
Grant won't send me a bio!

Margaret Robertson

Director of Game Development
Margaret is secretly Scottish and makes games out of whatever happens to be lying around, including ribbons, cameras and computers. She likes stripes.

Austin Roesberg

Visual Designer
Austin is an artist, gamer and a collection of other stereotypes you might find at Comic-Con. He loves coffee and he loves Wawa and he really loves when his coffee is from Wawa.

Ben Rudlin

Visual Designer
Ben makes pictures for you to touch. He also makes hot sauce and beef jerky. Mainly pictures though.

Toby Sarnelle

Senior Game Designer
Toby is a former PC strategy game designer who loves all things gaming. At 4AM you are equally likely to find him watching an Australian football game or a pro Starcraft 2 match. He knows way too much about kpop.

Jeff Schoch

Unity Engineer
My name is Jeff.

Tim Sherman

Head of Product Management
Strives to solve more problems than he creates. Loves pizza.

Oleg Simonov

Oleg's passion is helping teams and companies succeed in solving difficult challenges. If he accidentally finds himself with free time, he tries to ski, play soccer and read books.

Jon Slavin

Game Director
Jon has been gaming since he was tall enough to stand on a stool and put a quarter in a Donkey Kong cab.

Kirsten Sugar

Unity Engineer
Kirsten’s favorite activities: Singing to herself, scuba diving, organizing her apartment, traveling the world, trolling for memes, debating design patterns, playing games, and eating nachos.

David Trammell

Game Director
David is from Austin but lives in Brooklyn. When he isn't working he is likely to be found playing games, watching documentaries, or listening to music. Sometimes all at once.

Tim Tran

Product Manager
Tim is a foodie that doesn't take pictures of his food before he eats it.

Kohta Wajima

Two Dots General Manager
Kohta is a big fan of all things Nintendo, bad puns, Microsoft Excel (because he excels at it), and french fries. Cheap date.

Ryan Wang

Game Developer
Ryan thinks that kids with pop-up books are going to rule the world. (=ↀωↀ=)✧

Ted Watson

Product Manager
Ted works at the intersection of business, art, and technology to create products that delight.

Bryce Williams

Junior Game Designer
An aspiring cook who learned making games is way cooler. Will talk your ear off about obscure SEGA facts, 3D printing and tokusatsu.

Thomas Wolfe

Game Developer
Thomas is motivated by knowledge and mastering the art of game development. He loves animals and plants.

Yunjia Yang

Jr. Marketing Designer
A lucky designer & gamer, who ends up being a member of an excellent game studio.

Addison Yarborough

Senior Unity Developer
Addison loves code, astrophysics, VR, rain, great music, and Futurama!

Cody Uhler, Ross Wariner

Sound Design + Composition
Cody and Ross make the sounds that make you fall in love.
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Owen Davey

Owen is a prolific illustrator who creates the wonderful world of Two Dots.

Dave Hill

Dave is part of the marketing team that makes all the eye candy for your social feeds.