Samuel Abram

QA Tester
Samuel is also a chiptune musician under the handle of Iron Curtain. He has played with Hannibal Buress & Janeane Garofalo.

Desiree Aultman

QA Lead

Josh Balik

Game Developer
Josh loves all things generative and edible.

Ray Bruwelheide

Technical Artist
Ray is actually a top-secret Pokémon.

Eddie Cameron

Game Developer
"Just make sure my dot is handsome."

Dan Cingari

Head of Creative Production
Dan used to be a professional dancer.

Michael Cole

Game Developer
Software developing nomad. Former afro enthusiast. Seeker of dopeness.

Amanda Cosmos

QA Lead
Amanda gets overwhelmed with emotions when thinking too hard about sports anime.

Ra'ad Dalaq

Game Developer
I think Arabic food is unparalleled as biased as that sounds, I binge watch Japanese Anime and spend a lot of time singing with CS:GO players over team chat.

Chris Deaner

VP Engineering
Chris is the drummer.

Tracy Fogel

Software Engineer
Tracy is really just here for the coffee.

Laura Gatti

Technical Artist
I'm a creative designer in love with 3D modeling and videogames addict!

Luke Gehorsam

Game Developer
Luke started playing his first MMO when he was seven. He would like to apologize to everyone he raided with.

Paul Handly

Director of Game Services
Quickly working his way through every bowl of ramen in New York City.


Tony He

Data Scientist
Tony is a statistician with a background in games.

David Hohusen

VP Game Design
David is the leader of the AutoDots, a faction of transforming rodots from the planet CyberDots. He may or may not have ripped this from Optimus Prime’s bio on Wikipedia...

Ken Hohusen

Jr. Game Designer
Gaming enthusiast and lover of all things nerdy. Corgi wrangler. Occasionally spotted working to support a corgi based lifestyle.

Sandra Honigman

Jr. Levels Designer
Sandra is actually a fairy-type Pokemon.

Jak Horner

Visual Designer
Jak is a designer hungry to tackle anything design, and pizza related. As a child he once tried to run away from home with only a lunchbox full of Power Rangers.

Kris Horowitz

Jr. Game Designer
Kris is a li’l bb game designer. She likes reading when it's raining outside and taking her shoes off as soon as she gets home. She loves languages and laughing.

Megan King

Marketing Manager
Megan likes creating things, dancing in public, seeing live music, and people watching. She's "that girl" drinking iced coffee in the winter.

Ale Knight

Operations Lead
Ale is vegetarian and loves pizza. In her free time she loves to travel, read, binge watch Netflix and play endless games of Two Dots.

Ardian Lesmana

Backend Engineer
Likes code, gadgets, basketball, food and movies, not necessarily in that order.

Draco Li

Game Developer
Draco is an engineer by day and a gamer by night. During his spare time, Draco is also a freestyle rapper, film director, and an early adopter of everything new in tech.

Emily Lim

Production Designer
Artist, Designer and Gamer. Growing up my parents said I would never succeed as an artist, now I design Art assets for video games!

Jonathan Lu

Game Developer
Jonathan is a transplant from San Francisco with a wide range of interests in software development. He is also an aspiring foodie that is working towards catching up from the days where he would eat only spaghetti every night.

Ariel Magnes

Game Designer
Ariel connects the dots across strategy and design to make awesome games. She runs on coffee.

Andrei Marks

Game Developer
Andrei wakes up so he can move things around on other people's screens, listen to songs on repeat, run unreasonably long distances, and make new and exciting mistakes.

Patrick Moberg

Co-founder, CCO
Patrick was never allowed to have a video game console when he was growing up, so he was determined to make great games that even his parents would enjoy. Patrick’s mom now has a Dots bumper sticker on her car.


Monty is a kaleidoscopic creature of the galaxy

Yoshi Moriyama

User Acquisition Manager
Yoshi is an analyst who likes playing music and listening to podcasts.

Paul Murphy

Co-founder, CEO
Paul is a professional business man. If you ever need someone to be in a meeting, on a call or talking to investors, he’s your man.

Jennifer Nguyen

Visual Designer
Jennifer is a designer and occasional social media manager for her pup's Instagram. She once lived in Tokyo where she developed her fine love for karaoke, ramen and green tea Kit Kats (which she loves so matcha!).

Grant Reid

Game Director
Grant won't send me a bio!

Margaret Robertson

Game Director
Margaret is secretly Scottish and makes games out of whatever happens to be lying around, including ribbons, cameras and computers. She likes stripes.

Michael Rubino

Game Developer
Michael can do many things. Riding a bicycle is not one of those things.

Ben Rudlin

Visual Designer
Ben makes pictures for you to touch. He also makes hot sauce and beef jerky. Mainly pictures though.

Toby Sarnelle

Game Designer
Toby is a former PC strategy game designer who loves all things gaming. At 4AM you are equally likely to find him watching an Australian football game or a pro Starcraft 2 match. He knows way too much about kpop.

Theodore Siu

Jr. Data Scientist
Physicist, Gamer, Enjoys following the NBA on his free time. Let's go Jeremy Lin!

Sinclair Target

Game Developer
Sinclair's first draft of this bio was so bad he was forced to rewrite it. He's better at programming.

David Trammell

Game Director
David is from Austin but lives in Brooklyn. When he isn't working he is likely to be found playing games, watching documentaries, or listening to music. Sometimes all at once. Oh, and he loves chicken...

Kohta Wajima

Lead Product Manager
Kohta is a big fan of all things Nintendo, bad puns, Microsoft Excel (because he excels at it), and french fries. Cheap date.

Ryan Wang

Game Developer
Ryan thinks that kids with pop-up books are going to rule the world. (=ↀωↀ=)✧

Thomas Wolfe

Game Developer
Thomas is motivated by knowledge and mastering the art of game development. He loves animals and plants.

Emily Yim

Lead Product Manager
I love coffee, culture, traveling, beautiful skies and crabs. And I hate fire levels.

Lisa Zhang

Finance Director

Ksusha Zito

Game Developer
Ksusha is the one who made the fire dot. And she doesn’t feel bad about it.

Cody Uhler, Ross Wariner

Sound Design + Composition
Cody and Ross make the sounds that make you fall in love.
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Owen Davey

Owen is a prolific illustrator who creates the wonderful world of Two Dots.

Erica Gorochow

Illustrator / Animator
Erica has helped illustrate and animate concepts for the new games we're working on. She loves strawberries.

Dave Hill

Dave is part of the marketing team that makes all the eye candy for your social feeds. He's the one making too many references to Hogwarts, Hoth or Hobbiton.